Term 1. 2017:

Baby Ballerinas & Co, 2017


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A note from Angelina: “wishing you a stupendous year”


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 Welcome to the Central School of Dance Co family. Our Baby Ballerinas program encompasses the “building Blocks” needed in a young child’s development.

 All your dancer’s needs can be purchased at our shop.

 Congratulations to Miss Emma who is celebrating her engagement this month.

All fees are due before classes attended and after your trial class.


*Special Offer: Add Baby Jazz or Jazz/Tap Combo to Ballet for 1/2 price.*


Important Dates for Term 1, 2017:

 Baby Trail classes Wed 18 Jan at 10 and and Wed 25 Jan at 10 am

CSoD Registration Day Saturday 21 January 12 noon to 2 pm

       Studio Starts all classes Tuesday 31 January 2017


Accelerate your child’s development with an “Accelerated Program”:- If any parents wish to accelerate their children’s dance development, please see the office and register your interest. Many students have undertaken this program which greatly benefits their skill levels. Step one: to attend a second Ballet Class one level above free.


Bloch Privilege Card:

All students will receive a Pink 5% Discount Card. For families that have children in 4 to 7 classes you will receive a Bronze 10% Discount Card. they are valid for 2017. Studio uniform and shoes are still available from the studio shop and priced at below RRP.

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Angelina Birthday Parties:

Have a different party at the studio; register your interest at the office



Fees: All fees are due before classes attended (after a trial); arrangements can be made for split payments

Weekly Diary

Term 1, 2017

Term 1

Tuesday 31 January 2017


Saturday 8 April 2017

a ten week term

CSoD and Baby Ballerinas & Co

For any uniform purchase or orders


All classes start from Tuesday 31 January

CSOD Timetable

Kinder (5-6yrs)

                Kinder Ballet:                                        Thur 4:45 or Sat 9:00

                Kinder Jazz:                                          Thur 4:00 or Sat 9:45                         

                Kinder Tap:                                           Tues 5:00 or Sat 11:15


Grade 1 & 2 (6 & 7yrs)

                Grade 1 & 2 Ballet:                              Tues 5:00 or Sat 10:00

                Grade 1 & 2 Jazz:                                Tues 6:00 or Sat 9:00

                Grade 1 & 2 Tap:                                 Tues 4:00 or Sat 11.15


Grade 3 to Grade 5                            

                Grade 3 Ballet:                                   Tues 4:00 and Sat 1:30

                Grade 4 Ballet:                                   Tues 4:00 and Sat 1:30

Grade 5 Ballet:                                       Tues 6:00 and Sat 10:00

                Jazz Gr 3,4&5:                                   Tues 5:00

                Tap Grade 3 & 4 & 5:                         Tues 6:00 and Sat 10.30

                Contemporary 3 & 4 & 5:                    Sat 12:30

                Character 3 & 4:                                Sat 2:30

                Character 5:                                      Tues 7:00



Contemporary Senior:                            Wed 4:00

Jazz Senior:                                         Thurs 7.30

Character Snr:                                      Fri 5.00

Conditioning (ALL)                                Wed 6.00

Intermediate Found (RAD)                    Wed 7.00               Thurs: 4.00            Fri 7.00

Intermediate (RAD):                            Wed 5.00               Fri 6:00  

Intermediate (AICD):                           Thurs 4.00

Advanced (RAD) :                                Fri 4.00
                Pointe Class (ALL):             Thurs 6.30

Open Ballet Class (AICD):                     Sat 12.30

 Adult Tap: Tues 7:00 (advanced) or Thur 6:00 (beginner)

Baby Ballerinas & Co Timetable

Baby Ballerinas & Co for 2017:

           All classes in Term 1

            Little Cherubs (2 to 3 yrs):   Tues 9:30 or Thur 9:30 - parents join in

            Baby Ballerinas (3-4yrs): Tues 10:00 or Wed 9:30 or Thur 10:00 or Fri 9:30 or Sat 9:00 - parents watch

            Baby Ballerinas (4-5yrs): Tues 11:15 or Wed 11:00 or Thur 11:15 or Fri 11:00 - parents watch


            Baby Jazz / Tap Combo (3 to 5 yrs):       Wed 10:15#  - parents watch

           Angelina Jazz (3 to 5 years):   Fri 10:15#  - parents watch


            Angelina Jazz (4 to Kinder):    Sat 9:45#  -Parents watch

                                                      # (half price if taken as an extra to Ballet)

Send an email with your child's name, your name and mobile number your child's DOB and their age,  and email address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it