A note from Klara's Mum [an ex student] received 17 Dec 2010
"Afternoon Miss Karen,
Im hoping you will remember my daughter Klara Norris-O'Neill. Klara started dancing with you when she was 2yrs old and was your youngest student you ever had. She gave ballet up for a year and a half but has gone back to do dance this year. Saddly not with you as we have moved out to western NSW to the county town of Nyngan. So she's with a small dance school here in Nyngan. I credit you for the way she dances, she still remebers everything you taught her from her tiny fingers and the way she holds her arms, hands and feet.
Klar is 7yrs old now. And I just wanted to let you know that Klara was accepted to do the summer programme at the Australian Ballet School for 6 days of classes in early January. We are so excited and hope Klara will cope and enjoy herself. I hope she gets lots out of the programme so she can go back each summer. We also mention to the Australian Ballet School that you were her teacher and she started a 2yrs. They said they knew of you and your school."
- Kyley [2010]

"Congratulations and thankyou for the most wonderful concert on Saturday! It was our third concert, and we are amazed at how they get better and better every year. On the way home, we all decided that there's no possible way you can improve on that for next year. It was absolutely stunning. I think a highlight for me was in South Pacific, how you made the girl's skirts look like the sails on the sea. And, the little babies coming out of the treasure box as little gold treasures.
How the older girls share the stage with the younger ones, and all have their time to shine. I think a real testimony to the sheer entertainment value was the fact that my 3 and a half year old boy AND my 15 month old sat through the whole concert without a peep. There is nothing amateur about what you do, and we are so lucky to be able to give Carmen the opportunity to see what happens when you are dedicated, passionate, artistic and motivated.
You teach them so much more than ballet Miss Karen.
Thankyou so much.
- Sam Rickards (and Michael and Carmen Rickards)" [2008]

"Thankyou so much for the opportunities that you have given not only lacey but me also we have made the most lovely group of friends and Babyballerinas is and will always be very special to us both. Reflecting on the last 5 years has compelled me to write a little verse:
A Class Reps Perspective -
A babyballerinas concert is alot like a wedding it can be stressfull,demanding,exhausting and very detailed but....
It is also rewarding,special,a once in a lifetime experience bringing a tear to your eye but...
As you leave the Civic with a wave to backstage friends you can't help but feel you want to do it all over again!
So sign me up for 2009 I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world!
Miss Karen: Every year as i volunteer to be a class rep i get asked the same question" Don't you wish you could sit and watch Lacey dance?" And this is my reply" Yes sometimes i do but then i would miss all the excitement, the lead up, getting to know all her ballet friends, the fun we have backstage and trying to contain their excitement as we count down till our turn. But most of all i would miss standing side stage as the curtain goes up and all their eyes sparkle and that sigh and endless chatting when they come off stage, they have just had the time of their lives and i am right there you cannot beat that feeling of pride for them all !
No i don't wish i could sit and watch Lacey dance , I get to see so so much more!! I am sure that i am not the only one to feel this way espeacially since i see alot of the same faces year after year so please dont let to many know how lucky we `are i would hate to do myself out of a job!
- Nivek Logue" [2008]

"Also, we were so amazed and surprised at the progress shown by the little ladies after just one term of lessons. You and your staff have such a wonderful way with children, and we want to let you know how appreciative we are. Carmen loves her lessons & teachers and benefits from them in a huge way - so thankyou!"
- Sam Rickards [2008]

"Just a quick note to let you know how much our daughter is enjoying ballet. In the car this morning driving home after class (for no reason at all) she said that "dancing is fun mummy" I remain amazed at how much confidence it has given her. Thanks for making it so much fun".
- Julie Harding [2008]

"My little girl is still talking about her 'very special' ballet day at the Civic Theatre and I know she will never ever forget it and either will we! Many, many thanks!"
- Alison Hart and Maddison [2007]

"I just want to say thank you for a wonderful concert and experience. As an older starter to ballet (Freya was 7 when she started) I had no expectation as to what a concert entailed. I never danced when I was younger so didn't know what to expect. Well, we all loved it, especially Freya. I was really impressed, and so were my family, at the choreography. All girls had their chance to shine. No girl seemed to be the 'favourite' and everyone had the opportunity to feel and be special. All the dances were age appropriate, nothing to old or inappropriate for the younger girls. Freya's costumes are hanging at the end of her bed and she has said it makes her feel special to see them every night as she goes to sleep. My father even said to me today to make sure Freya keeps doing her ballet. I would also like to thank all the back stage mums, especially Nivek, who helped make the day so special for the girls. Freya had a ball."
- Leah Zok [2008]

"I wish to thank you for giving my daughter, Abbey, a chance to be a part of such an amazing event. She had an absolute ball with the whole concert and its lead-up. Thank you also for allowing me the opportunity to be a parent helper. Your staff, students and volunteers a pleasure to work with. I was also very impressed with The Civic Theatre staff, who certainly felt like part of our Baby Ballerinas Team. I will certainly be putting my hand up to help again next year! Well done and congratulations!"
- Megan Gibson" [2008]

"Just a quick message to say thank you for the amazing concert you have put together this year. I thought it was beautiful the way the older children helped the babies. Each act was a pure delight and when the tears flow not only for your own child, you realise how good a show like this makes you feel. Thank you.
- Sharon Robertson" [2008]

"Well Miss Karen, I could not wait to tell you that you amaze me, and your wonderful team.
For the last six concert's I always have tears in my eyes I take my hat off to you well done BABY BALLERINAS and I hope one day Siena will be great like the big girls today. Have a big night in celebrating you wonderful success.
- Karen Jones" [2008]

"Thank you for a wonderful concert. Our family is very proud of Chenoa [Elkington] and her efforts. We were ecstatic when she received her Miss Stephanie Scholarship, thank you again. Chenoa is keen to do eisteddfods and private lessons next year. When I see you next i will need to know how all this operates? Talk to you soon."
- Kylie Pinney" [2008]

"Just wanted to email you to say a huge thank you for a beautiful concert today. I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I do every year. Each year just gets better and better. Everything was so lovely to watch, and the costumes were absolutely gorgeous. Thanks again, enjoy a wonderful night, I'm sure your exhausted!"
- Raquel Whipp [2008]

"This mornings dance class was lovely.(Thursday).Thank you for being so patient and helpful with/towards Mary and her dancing. Mary just loves/adores you. Each week as we drive away from class Mary is saying "take me back to Ballet, I want to go back". You are great with all the girls, you have such a fantastic rapport with them, as does Miss Stephanie and Miss Alex. .. Miss Karen is often in my thoughts. When I'm watching her and her class, I can just feel/see the passion, and the love, she has for ballet and her students. 'Our' Baby Ballerinas are being rewarded with life long memory making experiences and values. Miss Karen is more than 'their' Ballet Teacher...... To many miss Karen is their Mentor. Again, thank you Miss Karen."
- Jane Dundas [2008]

"How fantastic was Saturday!! Our girls were just fantastic for Kim and I (ie they were reps backstage)- really impressed with how well behaved and beautiful the little girls all were!! And the feedback we have had of the show - was just wonderful!! Our family and friends were just so impressed and loved the concert - I can't wait to get the dvd so I can see it! I really have to say - It was such a pleasure to be able to help out - and Callie had an absolute ball - she wants to know when the next concert is! Love it!"
- Hayley Rousell [2007]

"Thank you both and also your wonderful staff for everything you do. The concert was just spectacular and a credit to each and all of you and the kids too."
- Ang & David Brown [2007]

"This has been our families first experience with a Ballet Concert and it has been an awesome experience, we appreciate all the dedication that you all put in to make it such a great show. Jessica has loved being a part of it all."
- Sandra Jarvie [2007]